What is the Manager Mode Popup?

The Manager Mode popup (for Print Rooms)

The manager mode popup is a variant of the PaperCut User Client software’s account selection popup designed for โ€œprint managers.” The pop up allows the manager to charge print jobs to any user or shared account and apply adjustments to job costs (e.g., differential charging for special paper, binding, and so on). The manager mode popup works well in print rooms where staff perform printing on behalf of other users.

To give someone access to the Manager Mode Popup, go to Users → [Name of the user] → Account Selection

Manager Mode popup


All PaperCut NG and MF licenses include free access to the Manager Mode Popup.

Find more information about the Manager Mode Popup here.

Another helpful tool for Print Rooms and fab labs

In addition to the Manager Mode Popup, PaperCut has also developed a unique tool for Print Rooms called Job Ticketing. You can read more about it here.

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