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PaperCut has been translated into a number of languages. Some of these translations are complete and done at an official level while others are partial and done by PaperCut users working informally. Many of these languages may not be appropriate for your environment and it may make sense to limit the list of available languages in the web login screen.

This can be done by going to the Config Editor and changing the key language.available to a comma-separated list of ISO language codes that will be shown in the web login language drop-down list. The list should be a subset of:


For example setting language.available to en,de would limit the list to English and German. Setting to just en would ensure only English is avaliable.

If you’d like to help us add an new language, or correct a mistake in an existing one, please contact our development team.

Categories: Translation, International Projects and Localization

keywords: translate, interpret, language, localize, login


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