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…a story for resellers

As PaperCut resellers your businesses come in all shapes and sizes - and so, too, do the relationships between resellers and their Authorized Solution Centers (ASCs). Some resellers exhaust all the resources of their ASCs and others keep them at arm’s length, preferring to go it alone.

We have high expectations of our ASCs… especially when it comes to supporting you and your business. That’s why PaperCut’s sales and tech folks spend a lot of time on the phone with the ASCs discussing new features and opportunities with PaperCut MF. We make sure the ASCs are ready to be a resource at your fingertips.

Can we share a story with you?

Before joining PaperCut, Dan Quest (DQ for short) was working as a reseller in the UK and shared the same time constraints and customer pressure that you experience on a day to day basis. He was happily selling PaperCut MF in his portfolio and putting deals together to help deliver solutions to his customers.
In one particular case, a prospective customer approached him with a challenge: To provide print management across 10 MFPs and 46 printers - including Find Me secure printing across every device.
“That’s going to take a lot of hardware!”, Dan thought.
The proposal was created, including 46 fast release terminals to be installed on each printer across the customer site. But when the customer saw the cost of all that hardware it was just too expensive and the deal was looking more than tenuous.
Dan lamented the imminent failure with his ASC, complained about pricing (he is English, after all) and wrote the deal off as a lost cause.
But the ASC came back and said, “Why don’t you offer Mobile Print Release for them?”
Dan was puzzled..“Mobile Whaa?”
The ASC then set to explain PaperCut’s Mobile Print Release capability, and helped Dan set up a demo step-by-step.
1. Set up a device in the showroom ready for Mobile Print Release.
2. Created the QR code and literally stuck it to the side of the printer.
3. Installed a QR code scanner on the smartphone.
Dan then invited the prospective customer to come and see the powerful “wow” demo that would mean secure print release on every one of his devices without a single new piece of hardware.
Dan won the deal (with that little bit of help from his partner).
The customer bought PaperCut MF and 10 Embedded MFP licences and bought 6 new printers. (Ironically, the customer happily spent more overall than the original proposal because he saw the value and trusted Dan to bring him solutions that solve his problems.)

Without that relationship with the ASC, Dan wouldn’t even have been aware of the PaperCut solution. (One of the difficulties with so many software releases through the year.)

Do we want you to go and demo Mobile Print Release straight away? Sure… but that’s not the point of the story. The point is, your ASC is a powerful ally and can help you as you build and grow your business. We expect a lot from them, and you should too. They’re there to support you, train you, and work with you to build services, solutions, and software for your customers.

So pick up the phone. Call your ASC today and ask them to help you grow your business. (And while you’re on the phone, get them to set up that Mobile Print Release Demo.)

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