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Below are a list of known issues which have been noticed on various releases of Mac OS X which affect printing but are not directly caused by PaperCut.

CUPS backends failing in 10.6.8

There have been reports for some people about printing failing on Mac OS 10.6.8 which is independent of PaperCut. The symptoms relate to one of the CUPS backends failing and potentially causing printing to pause. This has been tracked back to a problem with the CUPS backends of dnssd, ipp, lpd, and socket. An article discussing this can be found here. It references a program for backing up and copying over the old CUPS backends in order to fix the problem.

Problems printing landscape formatted pdf pages since 10.6.5

There have been a number of cases where landscaped pdf documents fail to be printed in landscape format and become truncated in portrait printouts. A discussion about this can be found here.

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