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PaperCut is fully committed to helping customers and partners make the best use of our technology. A key part of that is transparency and full disclosure of issues that may affect how well the solution works for you. Unfortunately, with complex modern technology (often supplied by different organizations) there is no way to address all problems and issues immediately but keep checking back to see if we have fixed something. If something is causing you particular concern please contact PaperCut support.

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pc-hp.jar won’t load. More info…




Other known issues, not specific to the HP Chai Embedded App are covered in:

430001: pc-hp.jar won’t load

When loading the package files through the Package Loader as part of the installation as described in the PaperCut Embedded for HP manual, the package, pc-hp.jar may fail to load and display various error messages.

  • Check you have a supported model. There is a complete list of supported models in the manual. Confusion often arises out of similar model names starting with and without the letter “M”. E.g. there is a model M4345 and another called just 4345 without the initial “M”. PaperCut only supports models starting with the letter “M”.
    • Possible error message: Package pc-hp.jar fails to load. Reason: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
  • Perform an INITIALIZE DISK procedure. This is documented with the “Configuration Guide” manual as part of the official HP documentation for your device. This manual may only be available to HP service technicians. If you need assistance with the INITIALIZE DISK procedure please contact support.
    • Possible error message: Reason: com.hp.chai.soe.chaipackage.ChaiPackageException: Required package not available:
  • Check you have the latest firmware on your device. If you need assistance determining whether the latest firmware is installed, please contact support.

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