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PaperCut has been around since 1999 and has a very reliable and robust system. We still have customers running the original version 1 release back from 1999 without any hitches! One of the design objectives forming the foundation of PaperCut is “self administration”. Where possible the system should be responsible for it’s own management and maintenance. PaperCut does a good job in this area and normally manual maintenance is not required. However, like all systems, Administrators should make regular inspections and avoid configuration or system changes that might upset normal operation.

The following list highlights some problems experienced by our customers over the years, and explains how to avoid them on your own networks:

  • Keep your software up-to-date. PaperCut has a check for updates feature that points to a detailed release history page allowing you to easily track when new versions are available.
  • Ensure a good off-disk backup strategy is in place on the server. (See Backing up PaperCut data)
  • Keep an eye on disk space. PaperCut needs disk space to write log files and update it’s database. Full disks can cause problems with any software, but even close-to-full disks will cause performance issues.
  • Test PaperCut after making large network or domain structure changes. Renaming a domain or making large Active Directory structure changes may affect PaperCut’s user synchronization process. Take a few minutes to test PaperCut (print a few test documents) after making any significant network changes.
  • Make a PaperCut health check part of your weekly or monthly system status checks. Take a few minutes to check the PaperCut Application Event log for errors and print test documents to ensure everything is OK.

By keeping these points in mind, PaperCut should give you years of trouble free operation.

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