Integrating PaperCut MF with the Copyright Licensing Agency - UK only

If you’ve landed here, then you’ve chosen to, or are interested in, using the PaperCut MF integration with the UK Copyright Licensing Agency. This guide will walk you through the steps to get up and running. Don’t worry if you’re not a techie, we’ll include a simple version, and one for your IT team.

Please note this integration is only available for UK Copyright Licensing Agency customers.

System Requirements


FOR THEM (The IT wizzes)

  • You need to be running the latest version of PaperCut MF
  • You need to be running v21.0 of PaperCut MF or later.
  • If you have MFDs connected to a PaperCut MF Site Server, then you require PaperCut MF 22.0 or later.
  • We would recommend discussing any upgrade with your PaperCut Partner to ensure any existing configuration is not affected.
  • You’re already using Integrated Scanning in PaperCut MF, or have MFDs that can use it.
  • The CLA integration uses the Integrated Scanning feature in PaperCut MF that allows an administrator to specify one or more scan destinations that users can use within the PaperCut software on the device. This will need to be enabled if not already in use and may result in an updated workflow for users.
  • If not already in use, Integrated Scanning will need to be enabled on each MFD individually.
  • Older models of MFD may not be compatible with Integrated Scanning, or a firmware update may be required. We recommend confirming compatibility with our PaperCut Partner.
  • The integration uses the PaperCut Cloud Services.
  • The integration requires the PaperCut Application Server to have content processed by the PaperCut MF Cloud Services. It must be able to form an outgoing connection to the following endpoints:
    • 443 TCP (HTTPS), with connection to:
      • https://**
  • The hosting region, should be set to Europe (Germany). This can be done in the PaperCut MF Admin Interface > Options > Advanced > Cloud Services.
  • After processing by PaperCut MF, documents will be uploaded directly to the Copyright Licensing Agency
  • Scan jobs will be uploaded to the Copyright Licensing Agency’s Azure datastore location. A connection from the app server to the below URL will be required:
  • Make sure you have your Department of Education Unique Reference Number or equivalent for other sectors. (If you’re unsure please ask your Copyright Licensing Agency liaison)
  • The installer for the integration will ask for the Department of Education Unique Reference Number. This is available from the Copyright Licensing Agency if not already known.

Installing the Integration

  1. Download the installer here.
  2. Run this installer on your PaperCut MF Application Server:

    CLA installer
  3. When prompted, select your sector, enter you Department of Education unique reference number, and postcode.

    CLA installer 2

Setup a PaperCut MF Scan Action

It is the Scan Action that will appear on the MFD for users to use when scanning documents to the UK Copyright Licensing Agency.

  1. In the PaperCut MF Admin Interface, go to Devices > Scan Actions.
  2. Select Create New.
  3. Choose the Cloud Storage option.
  4. At this point, you may be prompted to activate the PaperCut MF Cloud Services if this has not been done before. Review the information presented and activate the cloud services:

    Activate PaperCut MF Cloud Services
    NOTE: This step will fail if the earlier mentioned URLs are not allowed through your firewall.

    Activating PaperCut Cloud Services will generate an API key which will be passed back to the PaperCut Application Server. This API key will be used to authorize the metadata upload to our cloud service for each scan.

    Activate PaperCut MF Cloud Services
  5. From the drop-down list select the CLA Copy option.

    Scan Action destination selection
    This option will only be available if the earlier integration installer steps have been completed.

  6. Enter a label for the Scan Action. This will be the name users will see on the device.
    We recommend aligning this with the user instructions / posters shared by the UK Copyright Licensing Agency.
  7. Set the file type to PDF > Make Searchable

    File Type Selection
  8. Remove the option, User can edit, from any of the settings.
  9. Leave all other settings as default, and click Save & configure access.
  10. You now have the option to choose who will see this Scan Action on the MFD. You can choose between specific groups from your user directory or individual users.

    Scan Action access control
    This setting can be adjusted later if you wish to limit it to a single test account during testing, and until users have been informed.

Testing the integration

Once the installation of the integration and setup of the Scan Action is complete, the next step is to perform a test scan, for which, successful delivery can be validated by the UK Copyright Licensing Agency.

  1. Choose an MFD which has been set up with Integrated Scanning and a test user account that is part of the access permissions you have set up.
  2. Log in to the MFD > select Integrated Scanning > choose the Copyright Licensing Agency scan action you set up earlier.
  3. Leave the Number of people shared with at the default value for the test.
  4. Put a test page on the glass or feeder and start the scan.
  5. Monitor that you do not receive any emails or see any entries in the Application Log (Admin Interface > Logs > Application Log).
  6. If no errors are seen, please advise the Copyright Licensing Agency that this has been completed and ask them to confirm receipt of the scanned document.

Under the covers

If you’ve reached this point - you’re done. However, if you’re keen to get under the covers on the data flow - carry on reading.

CLA data flow diagram
The above diagram shows an overview of the data flow when using the Copyright Licensing Agency Integration.

  1. User completes their scan to the Copyright Licensing Agency at the MFD.
    • The completed scan job is forwarded to the Application Server.

      CLA data flow - Step 1
  2. The document is sent to and processed by the PaperCut Cloud OCR Service.
    • Document is uploaded and downloaded back to the Application Server

      CLA data flow - Step 2
  3. The document is passed to the PaperCut CLA Connector on the PaperCut MF Application Server.

    CLA data flow - Step 3
  4. Scan metadata is uploaded to the PaperCut Cloud Services.

    CLA data flow - Step 4
  5. Scan job data is written to and verified against the PaperCut Cloud Services Datastore.
  6. Job metadata is uploaded to the CLA API.
    • Scan metadata is uploaded using a token for service to service authentication to the CLA API endpoint.

      CLA data flow - Step 5
  7. CLA API endpoint returns a SAS token to upload the scanned document directly to the CLA storage service.
    • The information is relayed to the PaperCut / CLA connector on the customer’s site.

      CLA data flow - Step 6
  8. Scan document is uploaded by the connector on the customer’s PaperCut MF Application Server to the CLA Azure Data Lake.
    • Uploaded using the SAS token.
    • Endpoint:

      CLA data flow - Step 7

You’ve reached the end

If you’re still reading then thanks for hanging around. You’re jobs done. Go grab a coffee and relax!

Still have questions?

Let us know! We love chatting about what’s going on under the hood. Feel free to leave a comment below or visit our Support Portal for further assistance.

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