How does PaperCut NG Licensing work?

How itís licensed and how to get your hands on it.

So, youíre about to create a quote or have done so already, and are left thinking, surely this price canít just be a one-off?

Well, by the time youíre finished reading this article, youíll know how PaperCut NG Licensing works and how to place an order.

How is it licensed?

PaperCut NG is a perpetual license. That means you buy it outright and itís yours forever and ever and ever! Itís simply licensed by how many users you have at your organization.

What is a user?

An individual who is actively printing and youíd like to have visibility of their activity. Itís that simple.

Why should I purchase M&S?

Then, thereís just Maintenance & Support (M&S) to consider which gives you:

  • Upgrades - Access to all minor and major upgrade
  • Support - Open the availability of priority access to support
  • Hotfixes - Keep running with custom hotfixes out of normal release cycles
  • Compatibility - Keep up to date with technology changes

Just to stress - it is completely optional but highly recommended. It can be purchased from one to five years. Itís worth mentioning, the more years you purchase, the more discount you can get.

More on M&S here.

What is the Implementation Pack?

Itís the first 12 months of M&S - as a courtesy to our first-time buyers, the first 12 months of M&S is set at the minimum yearly cost no matter the size of your license file.

For the second year of M&S and beyond, it will be estimated at 20% of the value of the purchased license. If that 20% is estimated below the minimum yearly cost, it will remain at the minimum yearly cost amount.

Again, the implementation pack is totally optional.

Great! How do I order?

If you havenít already managed to get a quote from our website, you can do so right here.

If you have a quote sitting patiently in your inbox already, simply follow the link on the quote to proceed.

Once payment is received, youíll receive your license via email within one working day. If your license hasn’t arrived, please check your spam filter and junk mail box. (We find them to be a little overzealous sometimes.)

Get in touch with the Customer Care Team if youíd like to talk some more!

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