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Q: A common question we receive in PaperCut Support is “How can I view which shared accounts a user has access to?”

A: PaperCut has a built in report called the “Shared account security access” report which shows which shared accounts a user has access to. Another way to view this information is to make use of the server-command tool and use the [@list-user-shared-accounts <username>@] command.  There is one caveat to this however, which is if a user is not setup to show the [[ | Standard Account selection popup]] then they will not be included in the report. This is by design, because technically a user cannot access the shared account unless they have the pop-up enabled.

If you need to run a report to see which users have been granted access to which shared accounts, without first enabling the shared account selection popup then the easiest way to do this is via the Shared Account Details -> Security tab. This will show you which users have access to this Shared Account in particular. However if you’d like to specifically find out which shared accounts one or more users have access to then we’ll have to dig into [[CustomReporting| Custom Reporting]]. Keep in mind as per the custom reporting KB you will need an external database to run SQL queries like the below.

We can list the users in each shared account as per the following query:\\
[@SELECT a.account_name, u.user_name FROM tbl_user_account ua@]\\
[@JOIN tbl_user u ON u.user_id = ua.user_id@]\\
[@JOIN tbl_account a ON a.account_id = ua.account_id@]\\
[@WHERE a.account_type = 'SHARED'@]\\
[@ORDER BY u.user_name@]\\
Running the above query on your external PaperCut database will give you something like the below example:

|| border=1 align=left width=30%
||Bob || Maths ||
||Bob || Science ||
||Bob || English ||
||Jane || Maths ||
||Jane || Science ||
||Mark || Maths ||
||Geoff || Maths ||

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