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Trying to log into PaperCut but not too sure where to go?

Note: If you’ve arrived at this page because you use PaperCut at your school / university / college, and you’re having issues logging in, then it’s worth contacting your local IT department first.

  • Why? While we create the PaperCut software, organizations then install it and the local IT departments are responsible for usernames/passwords and so on. Sadly we don’t have access to reset passwords for end users - but your local IT/Admin department should be able to help out! If you hop over to your school / university’s website, then there are sometimes links on how to get help - contact the IT administration or Administration department there, and they should normally be able to help out with all things PaperCut!
  • What? Normally your IT department will be able to give you the address you need to access the PaperCut user interface at your location, or also point you in the right direction to get the PaperCut client software, if that’s what you need. We’d love to be able to give you this ourselves, but each organization can set up their own servers which will have their own addresses and methods of access.

Otherwise, we have a few different ways you can log into PaperCut, which we’ve explained below.

User Login

You’re trying to access your PaperCut details but not too sure where to look? In most organizations, this can be done by clicking on the “Details…” link in the PaperCut Client software that should be running on your desktop:

If you can’t find the above, try finding a shortcut that looks like this and double-clicking it, which will either start the User Client or Web Interface, depending on how PaperCut is installed:

If these cannot be found, we recommend you contact your local IT Administrator or help-desk staff who will be able to assist you further.

Admin Login

Logging into the administration console of PaperCut is simply navigating to the below URL after replacing papercutserver with your local servers DNS name, or IP address:


If you’re not seeing the Admin dashboard for some reason when logging in as an admin, it’s worth checking out the How to log in as an Admin for some further reasons on why you might see that!

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