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In PaperCut 17.0, we released Mobility Print which is a simple way to print from your Mobile & BYOD devices like iOS, Android, ChromeOS, Windows and MacOS, without needing to use a 3rd party solution.

Check out the Mobility Print Tour page and the Mobility Print Help Center for more information!

Note: FingerPrint has been superseded by Collobos Software’s new product, Presto. Please click here .

FingerPrint (Legacy)

FingerPrint by Collobos Software provides a solution to publish existing Windows print queues to iOS Devices. This allows system administrators to leverage their existing Windows print infrastructure to support mobile printing.

PaperCut has worked with Collobos Software to ensure that FingerPrint integrates seamlessly with PaperCut. FingerPrint submits jobs into the Windows print queue on the behalf of the mobile user. This behavior allows PaperCut to intercept these print jobs and incorporate them into the normal print job pipeline. As a result, all the normal PaperCut features like water marking, find-me-printing, page-level color detection, and print archiving are available to users printing from a mobile iOS device.


Note: There will be a couple of minutes during installation where PaperCut will not be able to receive print jobs. It is advised that this installation process occurs during a period of acceptable downtime.

  1. Install FingerPrint on your print server (refer to FingerPrint documentation)
  2. Ensure that the “guest” and “mobile” users in PaperCut has been marked as unauthenticated
  3. Ensure FingerPrint is installed on the same server as the PaperCut Application Server
  4. Install the PaperCut iOS app to each iOS device

Please ensure that any authentication changes are done within PaperCut, and not Fingerprint. Fingerprint’s security options need to be set to the default “everyone” group in order for authentication with PaperCut to work correctly.

Printing and Authentication

Once all steps above have been completed, your printers will now be shared to iOS devices from your Windows print server. When you print a job from your iOS device, you will need to log into the PaperCut iOS app to authenticate the job correctly with a user set up in PaperCut.


  • PaperCut Software has worked with the FingerPrint development team to add interoperability. As a result you’ll need a very recent version of FingerPrint ( or higher) and PaperCut (13.1 or higher).

Future development

  • March 2013: Collobos Software is looking to add features to FingerPrint in the future to streamline Active Directory authentication and integration. We will update this KB if there is an update.

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