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PaperCut NG is installed on EduPaSS 2 systems, used in government schools in Victoria, Australia to control and charge for internet usage. It does this by linking up with the Squid proxy server, which comes installed on EduPaSS.

Known Issues

Top-Up / Pre-Paid Card Wizard
We’ve been informed that several releases of EduPaSS either don’t include the card wizard, or include a corrupted version of the card wizard. If this issue affects you, please check which version of PaperCut you are running by looking at the About tab, and download the appropriate version:
User Client Tool
We’ve been informed that the PaperCut user client tool is not available with EduPaSS, and needs to be obtained separately. Additionally, there was a version of the user client posted on a DE&T site from the latest version of PaperCut NG (and not compatible with the version that is installed on EduPaSS). You can download a user client tool for PaperCut NG 7.0 (only) here.
Note: be sure to edit the file under the ‘win’ directory to point to your EduPaSS system. If you have Mac or Linux clients, edit the config files for those platforms also.

Using PaperCut to implement print quotas and control

The PaperCut NG print control module is a separate component. Victorian government schools can purchase this model direct from PaperCut Software. There are two ways to set up PaperCut print control with EduPaSS: A) Install it on your print server, or B) Install it on EduPaSS. See below for more detail about the differences.

A) Installing PaperCut on your print server (recommended method)

This method will result in using separate balances for printing and internet usage. If you require the same balance to be used, install PaperCut on EduPaSS instead. Using this method will also mean you have full access to your PaperCut installation, and can update at any time to gain access to new features.

To set up PaperCut print control on your print server:

1. Install PaperCut on your print server as per the user manual. PaperCut NG and the user manual can be downloaded from here.
2. Set up PaperCut to import users from your Active Directory (or other user directory)

If you would like to display to the user their balance for both printing and internet usage using the client software, see the article Separate balances for printing and internet.

B) Installing PaperCut on EduPaSS (alternate method)

This method will result in using the same balance for both print and internet usage. If you require separate balances, install PaperCut on your print server instead.

While only the internet control module is enabled on EduPaSS by default, it is possible to enable the print control module. This allows using the same balances for both printing and internet access, with all the data available in the one place. Setting up print control on EduPaSS is more complicated than a typical installation however, so we can only provide assistance to customers with premium support.

You may activate the print module at any time to start a free 40 day trial.

To set up PaperCut print control on the EduPaSS system:

1. The print queues should be set up on an existing system / print server (i.e. not the EduPaSS box).
2. Enable the print control module via Options → General in the PaperCut administration interface.
3. Install the print provider component on the system hosting the print queues. This system will act as a secondary print server, reporting usage information back to the primary server on the EduPaSS system.
4. Perform some test prints, and check PaperCut in Printers → Print Logs to make sure the jobs are being logged.

Pricing / Licencing

The print control module for PaperCut NG is priced based on the number of users you will be tracking. Typically in schools this would be the total number of students plus staff. You can find the price list on our website here.

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