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PaperCut resellers may host public download links on their website for PaperCut NG. It is important that all PaperCut users have access to the last releases of PaperCut. Offering old versions provides a bad user experience (e.g. may run a version that is not correct for the operating system or one that has known bugs or security issues). It’s very important that resellers always point to the current release version.

To assist with this, PaperCut Software recommends either offering a link to the download pages hosted on as follows:

PaperCut NG:

These pages are always up to date and you are encourage to link to these pages.

PaperCut MF

Public download links to PaperCut MF should not be provided. PaperCut MF is a more complex product as a result of the hardware integration. It is important that public download links not be provided. Instead new or prospective customers should first contact you personally to discuss their requirements. PaperCut MF’s installation and setup needs to be supported and by requiring the customer to contact you first, we ensure they will be supported through the process.

You may provide download links to your existing customers, however again you may wish to control this process. For example many resellers will vet all upgrades to ensure upgrading will not have an impact on the hardware environment. For example, some upgrades require firmware level upgrades to be coordinated at the same time as server upgrades and hardware-level support may be required for this process.

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