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Q I would like to change the link shown on the User Client Tool. How do I do this?

The User Client Tool is usually installed from the PCSetup share setup on the server hosting PaperCut. This share also contains a file called setup.txt. To change the link, perform the following steps prior to installation on the workstaion(s):

  • Open the setup.txt file in Notepad
  • Remove the # (hash) from the start of the lines:
  • Replace the value assigned to the LinkPath and LinkName as required. e.g.
      LinkName=About charging...

Note: We recommend pointing this link to the organization intranet site, a print/net charging policy page, or direct link the PaperCut web tools interface.

The PaperCut User Guide covers the many other options available. These include:

  • Adding custom “low credit” warning messages
  • The title of the Window
  • Auto refresh periods

Please see the user guide for more detail.

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