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Note: This is an outdated article that only applies to PaperCut Quota. Please see the Report FAQ for updated discussion on this and more topics covering printing reports, integration, and customization.

PaperCut logs all activity (print jobs, transactions and net use) and makes this data available in a Microsoft Access format. The Microsoft Access reports are accessed via the Reports button located under the print job log in the PaperCut Administration Console. In addition to the MS Access reports, PaperCut [Legacy] PaperCut Quota Web Tools interface (version 5.1+) includes simple HTML reporting.

Q: I donít have Microsoft Access on my server. What is the recommended way to create custom reports?

If you have copied the Microsoft Access database to another system, we recommend creating custom reports with either of the following options:

Note: Solution suitable for PaperCut Quota

Option 1)

Create the reports using the MS Access reporting tools directly in the exported database. This will modify the database, however this is not an issue this is a “copy” of the data and not the live database.

Option 2)

Option 1 is good for “once off” or ad-hoc reports but they only exist in the current database file and the reports will need to be recreated on subsequent exports. If you would like to save the report formats so they can be run on future logs, we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Create a new folder in a sensible location called PaperCutReports
  2. Copy in the Microsoft Access Database saved from the Reports export on the server
  3. Create a NEW database called “MyCustomReports.mdb” also placing it in the PaperCutReports folder
  4. Open this database and select the Tables section
  5. Right-click on the Tables object and select “Link Tables…”. An open dialog will appear
  6. Locate the database containing the data saved in step 2 and click open.
  7. Select the table name containing the data from the “Link Tables” list. The data table will now be associated with the MyCustomReports.mdb table via a “pointer”
  8. Create your customer reports inside the MyCustomReports database using the standard Microsoft Access report tools.

To run the designed reports over future data, simply export the latest data and repeat step 2.

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