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Some components of PaperCut, such as the [[|print release station]] and [[|user client tool]] use config files to customize their behavior.  These files have the file extension.

If you experience problems entering non-Latin characters into a config file, such as changing the title of a print release station and using Chinese, Japanese or Korean text, you will need to convert the text to "escape codes" first.  To do this:
# Visit [[|this online unicode converter]] page, and type or paste your text into the top text field (labelled @@Mixed input@@).
# Click @@Convert@@.
# Copy the text from the bottom-left text field (labelled @@JavaScript escapes@@).  It should look like a series of "''\u30d7\u30ea...''".
# Paste/type this text into your PaperCut config file.

''Categories:'' [[Category.Administration|+]]
[-Keywords: Chinese config, Japanese config, Korean config-]


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