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This article applies to PaperCut Quota and PaperCut ChargeBack.

How do I see the detailed error messages from the web tools interface?

By default Internet Explorer hides the detailed error information sent from the server. This makes it difficult to diagnose any issues that are occurring.

To display the detailed error information in Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Go to the Tools→Internet Options menu
  3. Select the Advanced tab
  4. Find the Show friendly HTTP errors, and de-select the option
  5. Press OK.

You will then need to refresh the web page so that Internet Explorer will redisplay the error message.

I receive an error “Variable is undefined: ‘Session’ “

This error occurs when Sessions have been disabled in IIS. Programs such as MS Software Update Services (SUS) may have disable the default sessions setting. You can address this by re-enabling sessions for the PaperCut virtual directory.

PaperCut Web Tools require that IIS sessions be enabled.

To enable session state in IIS:

  1. Open the “Internet Services Manager” (under Control Panel → Administration Tools)
  2. Right click the PaperCut virtual directory and select Properties
  3. On the Home Directory tab, select Configuration
  4. From the App Options tab, ensure that Enable session state is checked
  5. Apply the changes

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