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QA print job listed in Paper Cut ChargeBack has an incorrect cost/count/assignment. How can I correct this?

For PaperCut ChargeBack 7 (or later)

PaperCut ChargeBack 7.0 (or later) includes a new “edit job” function. An administrator level user, or a user with edit access explicitly granted, can log in an correct print job details. These changes will then be reflected in reports. The “edit job” action is available on any print log in the right-most column.

[Legacy] For PaperCut ChargeBack 6 (or earlier)

PaperCut ChargeBack 6.2 and earlier do not have an in-built edit feature. To modify an existing print record, system administrator level rights and a copy of Microsoft Access is required. Microsoft Access will be used to directly edit the database. The database is question is:

C:\Program Files\PaperCut\PCEData\PCEActTrk.mdb

You’ll need to locate the record in the JobLog table and set the cost to zero (or turn off invoicable).

Keep in mind that we always recommend taking a backup copy of the PCEActTrk.mdb database before making any manual modifications. PaperCut ChargeBack 6 users are encourage to upgrade to the latest version.

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