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Please Note: This information was supplied by Copy Monitoring Systems, The below relates to the release history of the cPad firmware running PaperCut MF

This information relates to the cPad copier control terminal.

Release Notes - Version 1.10.5 3rd December 2012

Features Added:

  • More reliable DHCP client (dhcpd v5.5.6)
  • Addition of a random 15 min delay to the reboot time to ensure all cPads do not reboot at the same time
  • New reader added (rfideas-usb-swipe.rdr)
  • Improvement of the firmware update process. If an error occurs during the process, the firmware is downloaded again at next boot


  • Fix an issue with the reboot time not considered when the cPad was offline
  • Correction of a display error on ‘Cancel jobs’ button

Release Notes - Version 1.10.4 - Thursday 12th October 2012

Features Added:

  • Automatic Updates can be enabled/disabled in config menu and with new server parameters
  • Added functionality for RFIDeas Swipe USB reader - config key entry « rfideas-usb-swipe »


  • The discount option for shared account is effective
  • Fix issue with the default shared account not being charged when making copies
  • Fix DHCP client issue (the cpad dhcp client ID was wrong)

Release Notes – Version 1.10.3 – Thursday 6th September 2012

Features Added:

  • cPad can now drive 2 readers simultaneously. (must be managed from PaperCut Adv Config – see “reader2″ parameters.)
  • Manage ccdscanner reader.
  • Manage Fametech swipe card reader.
  • The configuration application waits until the DHCP server sends an IP address.


  • Fix a regression bug in the copier application test.
  • Fix display issue related to rounding

Known Issue:

  • Charge to Default Shared account in the “show standard popup” menu does not manage charging for off-the-glass. Please do not use this feature.

Release Notes – [v1.10.0] 12/08/2012

  • The cPad now handles recovery of copy sessions that have not been completed correctly (due to outage, server down, etc.). It will now resend the copy session information when the server becomes available again.
  • The cPad time is calculated from the server time and the server timezone. (Requires PaperCut 12.3 to work correctly).
  • Management unicode font to display multi-lingual character sets – including Japanese and simplified Chinese. If you are unsure how to do this, please contact us!
  • DHCP client changed to fix network memory leaks. DHCP can now be used on all cPads.
  • Keyboard beep conflict solved.

There have not been any reported “known issues” with this version.

Release Notes – [v1.9.1] 12/06/2012

  • Automatically charge to single shared account” mode fixed, print jobs were not displayed. They are correctly displayed now.
  • In print job screen, user’s balance is displayed when “personal account” is selected
  • Inactivity Timeout fixed – the device lo longer logs user off while making copies. The timeout is recalculated at each copy signal
  • Multiple print jobs selection is available in print screen
  • Fix some ‘random’ crashes when navigating inside the shared account lists
  • Hex to Dec conversion functionality added
  • Emulation of a beep for TCM3 reader
  • Fix for random undesired message “no account found” displayed when the item “more” in the account list is pressed

Release Notes - [v1.9.0] – 16/05/2012

We had feedback that a number of cPads were rebooting at strange times, and becoming stuck on a white reboot screen. Through our testing processes we were able to establish a network leak, and a few “random” processes were the culprits. Version 1.9.0 fixes these problems. We recommend all cPad’s in the market are running 1.9.0 or above.

New Features

  • Version number now displayed on the welcome screen
  • New Network driver switch


  • Memory leaks fixed within the network library. Libcnet version is now cnet v1.02
  • Fixed loopback interface management. The process “net.agent” no longer waits for the loopback interface, resulting in memory gain.
  • After a crash, the application will no longer restart completely. Only the main application is restarted.
  • Crash noticed when entering manually a card ID after having presented an invalid card. It is no longer possible to enter manually an ID while an information screen is still displayed
  • Fixed a Freeze in the application when searching an account by name. If the account is not found, the application seemed frozen.

Known Issues

  • Randomly, a message “no account found” is displayed when the item “more” in the account list is pressed

Release Notes [v 1.8.0]

New Features

  • Additional security features added.
  • Card reader name is now case insensitive.


  • Time server is now managed so devices can find time in UTC. (Previously clocks were set to french timezone) There is still no parameter to set location.
  • The firmware version is displayed in the main screen (bottom left) so you can easily see the status of the current version.
  • Search field for shared accounts are now properly cleared between the user sessions. Randomly the cPad was freezing after a print job release.
  • Screen saver timeout level one has been removed.

The screen saver timeout level 1 was removed because it was generating too much electromagnetic noise, the back light intensity was reduced by modulating the power signal, however it was not good and sometimes it would lead to problems.

Also see: CPadFAQ

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