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A+ Google printing

Chromebooks, G Suite, Google Drive, Google Docs... You and your students love using handy Google tools. Now you can love printing with them.

Google for education

The top team for printing in education

What happens when you combine Google's intuitively powerful suite of tools with a market-leading print management tool to match?

You get the easiest way to enable and control printing in any Google-powered school.


Do more with your Google tools

Google Drive scanning*

Scan straight to Google Drive with a secure and built-in 'tap and scan' workflow encrypted over HTTPS.

*Only included with PaperCut MF.

Cloud user syncing

Sync users directly from G Suite for a seamless cloud-based directory that's easy and affordable to manage.

Google-based logins

Log in to any PaperCut MF interface with your Google credentials to reduce password problems and IT overheads.

Chromebook printing

Use Mobility Print to submit print jobs from the Chromebook's native UI for easy, fully tracked printing.

Unlock print management powers

Easy queues with Print Deploy

Push the right print queue and print driver across multiple buildings and campuses automatically.

Better printing habits

Implement policies and email reminders to drive better behaviour, raise awareness, and reduce paper waste.

User-friendly student quotas

Set up quotas with payment systems like PayPal to allow easy top-ups and recoup printing costs from users.

Detailed tracking for print and copy

Reveal insights on user, class, faculty, department, or year level usage to adjust budgets for the better.

What our customers are saying

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I can push a policy out in G Suite and know everyone will get it. It’s the same with PaperCut. In 10 minutes, I had it rolled out to every device – and I didn’t have a Chromebook printing issue all year.

John Lenhart

IT admin at Dallastown Area School District

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As a Google for Education Partner, we work with Google to maximize the printing potential of schools, universities, and education institutions all over the world.

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