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Pocket and Hive manual


PaperCut Pocket and Hive features in detail

PaperCut Pocket and Hive have some great features that allow yoga-inducing flexibility with your printing setup - from what your users can print and when, all the way through to how your users release their jobs and what’s actually on the paper! Most of the options are all discoverable through the interface, so we recommend diving in and taking a look around!

If you prefer to look through a source of information… or a ‘manual’ you could call it, we’ve laid out an overview of the features of PaperCut Pocket and Hive here - along with some frequently asked questions about each feature.

Go forth, configure, and have fun!

This topic covers:

  • Print Security - Covering access control, and defining how your users can release their print jobs - this one’s a must on the exploratory walk. Gems like watermarking, digital signatures and configuring how to handle printer errors are also included in this section.

  • Reduce Waste - Everyone dreams of the paperless office but comes to terms with it being a team effort to get it to a less-paper place. In this section, find tricks on how to promote double-sided printing, black and white printing, and other friendly cost-saving tips that don’t have to annoy everyone in the meantime!

  • Easy Printing - Covers customizing the user setup experience, making it as easy as possible to print from any device, and the ability to walk up to any printer to release your job - the ever-important stuff in the ‘if it’s done well, no one notices it’ department.