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PaperCut is now set in poetry

We were amazed a few weeks ago when a customer from Germany emailed to inquire about an upgrade from version 1.0. Wow! We emailed back asking them to confirm. “Are you sure you’re running version 1? That’s almost 10 years old!” Sure enough the customer was correct. They were customer number 47 and purchased and […]

Support case study: Optimizing the account selection popup

When we’re not working on new features, we’re often working on improving PaperCut to ensure it works well in a large variety of situations.  Sometimes customers use PaperCut in ways we never intended, or encounter scenarios which we never envisioned.  We take pride in listening to our customer experiences, and making improvements to ensure we […]

Software for the future

One of my projects here at PaperCut is the Apple Mac development. (Yes. To all the Mac sites, I’m working on Leopard support right now!). I received this email from one of our US Mac sites and thought I’d share it with you. It also addresses one of my other pet projects – the environmental […]