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How embracing technology makes for happier teachers

We’ve talked about new tech making life easier for students – like all the good stuff coming out of our Google Premier Partnership .

But what about teachers? The guides for new generations? The shapers of minds? Won’t someone please think of the teachers?! (I’ve walked right into this, haven’t I? Classic intern foible.)

Alright, here goes:

‘Three super impressive, “where would we be without them?”, “why didn’t I think of that?” technology breakthroughs that bring happy tears to many a flustered teacher’s eye.’

I might, uh… work on that pitch…

1. Simplified grading

Gone are the gruelling grading days of sitting in front of the TV armed with a red pen and redder wine.

That stack of assignments has disappeared thanks to BYOD devices like Chromebooks digitizing traditional classroom practices:

  • Online quizzes means no need to print out and collect tests (data’s automatically collated, too); and
  • Electronically submitted assignments means squinting at messy handwriting is a thing of the past.

2. Super accessible information

With the cloud allowing students to access resources anytime and anywhere, “sorry, I lost it” has become an outdated excuse.

Teachers can also share files between each other without even checking their pigeon hole.

These files don’t even need to be natively saved on a desktop first – PaperCut MF lets you scan to cloud services like Google Drive .

3. Seriously slashed paper usage

The average student wastes 3,200 sheets of paper each year , so there’s no question conscientious schools and teachers will want to do all they can to curb reckless printing.

With features like Secure Print Release , schools can prevent forgotten or unwanted jobs from printing; and print policies can guarantee everyone prints using the most eco-friendly settings.

Add some awareness-raising education, and a world where school recycling bins stay empty isn’t so fanciful.


So there you have it! You can almost see the weight fly off the shoulders of our mighty teachers.

As a student myself, I’m all for it – happy teachers tend to give out As like Oprah gives out cars. And hey, why not print all those glowing reports with PaperCut MF ? 😉


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