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PaperCut Print Logger now in Spanish

Wow! On the back of the Italian translation of PaperCut Print Logger, Alessia and her team have translated PaperCut Print Logger into Spanish. The translation has been done by a Spanish girl in her class under the supervision from their teacher who can also speak Spanish. On behalf of all the Spanish users of PaperCut, […]

The evolution of the Tiger to the Leopard

We finally got version 8 out the door today and with it comes Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard support. The changes to support Leopard consisted of a sum total of 2001 lines – that is, 2000 lines of documentation and 1 line of code! Yes! That’s right. Only one line of source code needed addressing. […]

PaperCut Print Logger update 1.2

I rolled out a new release of the free PaperCut Print Logger utility today – version 1.2. The release includes support for a number of new printer models as well as improved page/plot size detection on some HPGL based plotters. I’ve also updated the URLs to point to the domain.

Having an (environmental) impact!

We all spend a lot of time talking about environmental issues here in the office. I suppose partly because global warming is the “topic of the month” (really century!), and partly because we work on software designed initially with an environmental objective – that is cutting down on paper!

PaperCut Print Logger – always improving!

You all have probably noticed the PaperCut NG 7.2 and PaperCut ChargeBack 7.1 releases by now. We’ve had lots of good feedback about the new scheduled/emailed reports feature. This was Tom’s project so he deserves all the credit. We’re planning another update in the next two weeks with some more new features including an easier […]

PaperCut NG Mac Update – 6.3.4061

We’re now very close to the final Apple Mac release. Our target is to call it final when we release PaperCut NG version 7.0 in two weeks time. The latest Mac update adds support for printers that host their drivers inside the PrintJobMgr. Some Epson and Canon inkjets don’t provide a standard CUPS driver and […]

Updated Net Control module (Build 3868)

I’ve just uploaded another build with a few small fixes and changes, including: Allow the internal admin password to be changed from within the user interface (on the Options->Advanced) tab. In the Internet Usage logs screens, allow the results to be sorted by the “MB received (ex cached)” column. Fix error that can occur when […]

Updated Net Control module (Build 3853)

Just touching base to let you know that we’ve released a new build that includes a number of changes (a number as a result of feedback from our testers). The testing has been going well. We’ve had no reports of any major problems. Most of the comments have been about feature suggestions or usability suggestions. […]

Free PaperCut Print Logger

Last week we released PaperCut Print Logger. This is a free print logging program. It works by tracking printing, and writing a live log file in HTML and Microsoft Excel format. It’s based on the same page count and job analysis technology used in PaperCut NG. The program is very basic and aimed at the […]

PaperCut NG Mac Update #3

Thanks for the Mac users who recommended that we list our updates and version changes on the popular Mac site, PaperCut NG for Mac is now up on the site here. We’d like to know if (or how many) Mac users use versiontracker to automate updates. Should we look at pushing PaperCut NG Mac […]

PaperCut NG Mac Update #2

Note, this widget no longer works on current Mac OSX versions. Rob at Sheridan College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning has been kind enough to contribute a PaperCut Dashboard Widget. It’s a simple Widget that allows Apple users to conveniently check their print quota without the need to run the full client. Rob has […]

First Mac Server Update No# 1

As many of you may have seen from our home page, we have just release our first Apple Mac Server version of PaperCut NG. About 30 majority Mac sites (mostly in education) expressed an interest in the testing program prior to release, and we’ve had a lot more download and contribute since the public beta […]

PaperCut on Mac servers coming soon

Just a quick post to give a quick update on our Mac server development (print quota support for Mac OS X Server). We have PaperCut NG now running on Mac’s via the CUPS print system. I’m now working on the installer. With any luck we should have the system out to testers by the end […]