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PaperCut 11 with a shiny new dashboard

It’s January 2011, and weโ€™re excited to announce the release of our latest version of PaperCut – Version 11 (or is that XI?). If you’re an existing PaperCut user then two things will be immediately obvious: A new & improved look and feel The addition of a new tab – Dashboard! The new look and […]

PaperCut Version 10.7 Released

In the current round of our vote for a feature survey we were seeing one feature mentioned often: the ability to easily restrict who can perform color printing by group. This brought up an interesting discussion in our team meeting. “Yeah, how do you do that?”. There are actually several possible ways to do it, […]

PaperCut Version 10.6 Released

If you take a look though the historical release history for PaperCut you’ll notice that our minor version releases tend to alternate between “several big new features” and “lots of little improvements”. After the watermarking and multiple personal accounts features added in 10.5 (amongst others), this release falls into the latter category. While we could […]

PaperCut Version 10.5 Released

It’s been two months since our last release. One of the longest gaps we’ve had between releases for a long while. This is however to be expected as this is our largest release yet! It’s also one of our most innovative, pushing new ideas and concepts. This release contains many big ticket items voted for […]

Quick update on pending 10.5 release

We’ve recently had a few people contact us via Twitter and email asking about the 10.5 release. We’re running a little late behind schedule, however this is for good reason. This is likely to be our largest release in terms of features yet. Hence testing and feature finalization is taking a little longer than expected. […]

Highest vote takes it all

I am one of the female developers here at PaperCut… well at the current time the only female developer! For the past few months most of my development has been driven by your votes in the feature survey. We are constantly analyzing the votes and using it to prioritize our development. I have already implemented […]

PaperCut Version 10.4 Released

Right on the back of the release of our new website, we’ve released PaperCut Version 10.4. This release is best described as a maintenance release with a focus on bug fixes, documentation and interface cleanup. All sites are encourage to upgrade. Full changes are listed in the release history, and you can upgrade with a […]

Staying up to date

(This is an older news post that has been migrated into the blog) PaperCut version 10.3 is out the door. How did you find out about it? There are many ways to keep informed about new PaperCut released. Aside from checking, checking the download page and checking the About tab in PaperCut, you can […]

PaperCut 10.2 released

(This is an older news post that has been migrated into the blog) Today we’ve released PaperCut version 10.2, and with it a frequently requested feature: page-level color detection for PCL6 drivers. PaperCut’s page-level color detection performs a detailed analysis of print jobs to determine the usage of color on a per-page basis. E.g. when […]

If (version > 10) { doMore() }

(This is an older news post that has been migrated into the blog) If you are a geek, you’ll find that our new 10.1 release contains what is probably the most exciting and highly anticipated feature to date: Advanced Scripting. This feature is targeted squarely at our core audience of system administrators, and is the […]

Version 10 for 2010

Version 10.0 of PaperCut is now available, just fitting into our target December-January period for new major versions. This release brings several new features including printer groups and some visual updates to the client tool. The printer groups feature allows printers to be tagged or grouped together for management or reporting purposes. The client tool […]

PaperCut version 9.8 sees out 2009

The year is at an end, and we have one final release for those wanting to upgrade over the break. Along with some all-round improvements this release updates PaperCut for better compatibility with the recently released CUPS version 1.4, the print system in Mac OS 10.6 and recent Linux distributions. Although the purpose of the […]

Refinements in 9.7

After recently adding some major features to PaperCut, such as Web Print and the manager mode pop-up, we’ve been back to basics, polishing our existing features and improving on the core functionality of PaperCut. Amongst other features, this release contains support for XPS documents with Web Print, along with many new reports and report filters. […]