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Upgrade Automation: Putting it all together

In the previous two posts we discovered 1) Which version of PaperCut MF was running on the server, and 2) What’s the latest release from PaperCut Software.

Now we need to tie it all together so that, if a new release appears, a review ticket gets assigned to the correct application administrator for action.

What’s the latest and greatest release of PaperCut MF?

In a previous post I talked about how to discover which version of PaperCut MF is running on your server.

Now we have that information, we need to know the latest released version from the PaperCut website to see if there is a new release to install.

Automate your PaperCut MF upgrade review process

When you are a PaperCut MF or PaperCut NG administrator you need to make sure your software is up to date.

I am lazy, so let’s write a script that will create a job ticket when
a new MF release is available and assign it to the appropriate person,
so they get prompted to investigate.

Making the PaperCut cloud-native API accessible to the world

In order to be a truly caring company we need to make our product technology available to the widest possible audience across the globe. Not everyone uses English as a first language or has access to the latest technologies.

When we recently created our new cloud-native platform we had an opportunity to exploit that understanding for our integration partners and be as inclusive as possible. What are some of the principles we applied in our new developer program to improve accessibility?

What is Log4J and how did PaperCut handle it?

Just when you thought PrintNightmare was the biggest security issue in over a decade, the Log4Shell exploit Log4J happened.

What exactly is the Log4Shell exploit and how did PaperCut respond? I’ve got all the answers and security lingo for you!

[WHITEPAPER] PaperCut and High Availability

99.99%. It’s a compelling figure. The uptime guarantee trumpeted in SLAs the world over.

Of course, 100% is simply unattainable. Those SLAs must provide wiggle room for the .01% of unplanned, unavoidable, ‘well I didn’t expect THAT to happen, ‘what do you mean there’s been a power spike to the UPS’, ‘so THAT’S what that switch does’ events.

VR and AR: the paperless office of the future

Walk into almost any office today, and among the desks, chairs, computers, and coffee machines, you’ll probably also find at least one printer.

But in 100 years’ time will that still be the case?

I think the humble ream of paper will be as alien as a floppy disc. The paperless office will come about due to a rise in a new form of personal computing: Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Honoring Pandrosion of Alexandria for Ada Lovelace Day

To celebrate Ada Lovelace Day I thought I’d take the opportunity to write about another underrated woman of STEM, Pandrosion of Alexandria.

As far as we know Pandrosion developed a technique to calculate approximate, but numerically accurate, cube roots using a three dimensional geometric technique.

Renaming the Git master branch

We’re renaming our Git master branches to main.

This post from PaperCutter Alec explains why we’re doing it, how we’re approaching it, and provides useful suggestions if you want to make similar changes.

Ready to get your Git on?

Adopt a “defensive posture” when using APIs

Today a lot of the world’s information is accessible using web APIs of various types.

A few times recently I have seen developers make assumptions about the information they would get back from a web API call.

This led to trouble when the server supplied data that was slightly different than expected.

3 lessons learned leading a team from home

Near the beginning of 2020, I entered a lead role for the first time in my career.

Becoming a leader is challenging (albeit rewarding). But leading a team remotely during a global pandemic? This notches up the difficulty.

I make no claim to have figured it all out. But here are 3 lessons I’ve learned.

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