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PaperCut Maintenance & Support: keeping your setup at its best

PUA is how you keep your PaperCut installation up-to-date. You see, PaperCut isn’t a subscription licence – it’s perpetual. That means you buy it outright and it’s yours forever and ever and ever and … well, you get the drift.

However, just like, say, your toaster, your purchase is a particular model (or in the case of software, version).

New year, new version number and an awesome new release

The start of a new year is always an exciting time here at PaperCut. For starters, it means a new series of version numbers for our solutions. As it’s 2018, it means our version numbers will start with (wait for it), 18!

It also means there’ll be a huge new release. And it just so happens that PaperCut 18.0 is here right now! Ready to see what’s in it?

In the “Midst of Things” instead of “Out of Touch”

What sets working at PaperCut apart from run-of-the-mill jobs is the fair balance of hands-on customer care and high-minded technical development that everyone here gets involved in. (Well that and the free gourmet coffee.) In other companies out there these activities are usually separated into separate departments, which more often than not results in some […]