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PaperCut: Making Coffees and Software Since 1999

Thought I’d share a behind-the-scenes story on the PaperCut team and their coffee obsession. It is no secret that coffee is a part of daily life here at PaperCut. Along with drinking and appreciating coffee we canโ€™t help but mention it in blog posts, job ads, when talking about ourselves and even demonstrating product features. […]

What does print management have to do with coffee?

The regular readers of our blog will have noticed a few off-topic posts slipping in from time to time. The common theme is coffee and beer. As a group of passionate computer programmers and tech geeks it’s no surprise that we have developed a strong corporate coffee culture. Coffee is our secret weapon! Over the […]

Code = Coffee.consume()

“A mathematician”, according to the late Hungarian mathematician Alfred Renyi, “is a device for turning coffee into theorems”. Seems like good old Alfred knew a thing or two about intellectual work. He and colleague Paul Erdos of Erdos number fame were known to consume copious amounts of the stuff. With work at PaperCut occasionally requiring […]