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Who's using PaperCut? PepsiCo, HP and Dad!

Since we release our free print logging program a few years back its been a hit, with hundreds of thousands of downloads. Every now and then we receive a thank you email or a short story about how people are finding it useful.

One user recently wrote to us to thank us for helping him track down why his ink was disappearing. He had no explanation as to why his home printer ran out of ink every few weeks. Print Logger to the rescue! A quick audit of print activity shows that his kids did a lot of printing before he got home from work. Now printing in his household is restricted to homework use only and he’s happy again!

There are also plenty of other examples at the big end of town. Today I received an email from PepsiCo and HP outlining their use of PaperCut Print Logger. It’s great to see that this little free program has uses ranging from small homes to the largest corporates.

For us, PaperCut Print Logger serves two purposes:

1) It’s a great test bed for our printer page analysis technology. With hundreds of thousands of users, we quickly get reports about incompatibility with new drivers. The program actively encourages users to report incompatibilities and in turn this ensures that all our applications offer the widest range of support.

2) It’s also a fantastic way to get a “taste” of our applications. Many schools for example will install PaperCut Print Logger to get a quick view of what’s going on on their networks. It’s then only a small jump to move to PaperCut to implement print control, quotas, reporting, and of course monitor the environmental impact of printing.

If you’re running print logger, please take a few moments to send us an email and share your stories.


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