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Version 9.5 Released

We have just released PaperCut version 9.5. A full list of changes in this release can be found in the release notes for PaperCut NG or PaperCut ChargeBack . It’s enormous, we know :)

Being almost two months since our last release this version brings plenty of new features. In this release we’ve added a lot of features that were suggested via our feature survey (which you can find on the About tab under Product News), and several that were added as part of our Adopt a Feature Program . The features added are varied and enhance or add functionality to almost every area of the application.

We’d like to highlight one new feature in particular: the manager mode pop-up. This client pop-up allows authorized users to perform printing on behalf of other users. This makes it ideal for use in print rooms at schools/colleges. Print rooms often provide additional services like binding, laminating and stapling, so we’ve also added cost adjustments (a revised version of our existing charge rates functionality) that allows specifying additional predefined costs, e.g. “$3.00 extra for binding”. There is a screenshot of the manager mode pop-up in the PaperCut NG product tour here .


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