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Version 9.4 Released

PaperCut version 9.4 is now available. A full list of changes in this release can be found in the release notes for PaperCut NG or PaperCut ChargeBack .

This release marks the addition of native 64 bit (x64) support for Linux and Novell OES2 Linux.

For Novell OES2 Linux users this means that 64 bit installations are now fully supported.

For users of other Linux distributions this means that there is no longer a requirement to have 32 bit compatibility libraries installed. Native 64 bit support also pushes the performance and scalability of PaperCut on Linux to new levels.

We had planned native support for 64 bit architectures ever since our re-write of PaperCut in 2005. This meant that the actual development required was only about a week for a single developer. If only all the printer manufacturers had the same passion for supporting new platforms and architectures in their printer drivers!

Rumor has it that 128 bit support won’t be required for at least the next millennium, so this should be the only major architecture change for some time!


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