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Updated Net Control module (Build 4006)

I’ve just uploaded another build of the Net Control module. This release includes a number of changes:

  • Add “enable/disable user net usage” option to the bulk user action page, so this setting can be set on users in bulk.
  • Add support for the MS ISA Server log format, in addition to the preferred W3C log format.
  • Improved detection of the latest log file based on the specified log file mask.
  • Improved behaviour when processing MS ISA log format, when the W3C log format is specified in PaperCut.
  • Do not log net usage performed by Squid users that haven’t authenticated correctly.
  • Fix to error that occurred when running a transaction log report that contained Internet usage transactions.
  • Fix bug in Linux installer that caused the Internet service config file to be overwritten when upgrading from a previous version.
  • Improved the setup of the Internet Provider service on linux to warn the user if the specified log file directory is not readable.
  • Add a config option to enable LDAP referrals.
  • All the many changes included in the most recent public release of PaperCut NG 6.3. For more information see the release history page .
  • Other small fixes.

You can download the latest release (Build 4006) from the Net Control module testing page . To upgrade from a previous release you can perform an install over the top procedure .