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Simplify printing for visitors to your organization with V14.3

Visitors to your office or organization can carry a range of mobile devices to help them do business. When your visitors need to print from their devices, how can you enable and manage this easily?

Guest printing , sometimes called ‘anonymous’ or ‘visitor printing’ can be achieved without the need to set up a network account or even access to your organization’s wi-fi network. SysAdmins don’t need to compromise their network’s integrity and visitors can get on with their work, assisted by an easy-to-use print solution.

So how does it work?

Your visitor simply sends a document to an email address, utilizing PaperCut’s Email to Print . The print jobs are sent via queues directly to the nominated printer for instant or self-assisted print release, or via an administrator if extra security and monitoring are required.

The benefits

  • No account setup required for print users.
  • Print directly from any device that can send an email.
  • Configurable to your network’s security policies.
  • Print tracking and management fully available.

See how easy guest printing can be at your organization. More information.