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PaperCut Version 11.2 Now Available

It’s been nearly two months since our last minor point release which is a long time between drinks for PaperCut.  We’ve become used to churning our releases on an almost monthly basis so you can imagine the chaos in the team when we didn’t release on schedule! For those that are not aware, Daylight Savings ended in Melbourne where our head office is located and like the confusion that comes with losing or gaining an hour in a day, the same confusion reigns when we wind back our development cycle…

[caption id=“attachment_1295” align=“alignright” width=“240” caption=“Switching the clocks back for daylight savings time”][/caption]

On the topic of Daylight Savings, this year’s changeover was somewhat like a mini Y2K for PaperCut as we encountered a new issue for countries switching their clocks at 1:00AM… As it turns out, many businesses print audit reports were scheduled to run between 1:00-2:00AM and with Daylight Savings pushing clocks forward one hour in this particular region, 1:00-2:00AM never existed and thus the reports never ran!  Luckily our skilled team was on the case first thing Monday morning and had it fixed within minutes (even though they had a whole year to wait for in-field testing)

With loads of the usual enhancements, fixes and updates we normally pack into the release again there is surely something for everyone in 11.2.  The most notable new enhancement released within 11.2 is the ability to now output details of a user’s department and office history.  E.g. If a user switches department midway through a month, print audit reports showing activity by department will now account for their activity in the old department for the first half of the month and the new department for the second half.

To see a full list of the changes and enhancements made to this release, please check our release history which details every change for this and previous releases.

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Image “119: Daylight Savings Time” by niseag03 / CC BY-ND


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