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PaperCut Print Logger now in Italian

A big thanks to Alessia and her team for their work in translating PaperCut Print Logger into Italian . Alessia and her team undertook the work as part of a software localization course at San Pio V University in Italy.

It’s great to see Universities focusing some of their attention on real-world projects. Practical projects where you can “make” something are so much more satisfying.

Most of my course work during my University days was theoretically based. I acquired my practical skill" outside of course while working part-time as a system administrator and of course “playing” with computers at home.

The theoretical skills in computer science are important, and more importantly for universities with aging lectures, they never go out of date (e.g. algorithms, data structures, etc.). Practical skills on the other hand need constant updating - which Web 2.0 framework do you what to learn this week!

A number of Italian universities are using PaperCut NG for their print control, and they have coordinated to translate this application into Italian. It’s now great to offer our free print logger in Italian as well. Thanks again to Alessia and team.