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PaperCut 5.2 final build

We’re just uploading the final 5.2 build of both PaperCut Quota and PaperCut ChargeBack now. It’s been out in “preview release” format for a month, and with the help of a number of customers, we have tracked down and squashed any remaining bugs. Most of the report bugs were minor - an alignment issue here, a spelling mistake there. There was however one “killer bug” that slipped through our internal testing. It turned out that if a user selected a particular set of page dimension settings in Microsoft Word, the PaperCut system service would enter an infinite loop consuming 100% CPU. It showed up on some of the large test sites after a few hundred print jobs or so. Anyway, all will be happy to know we have fixed this bug in the official 5.2 release!

Once again, thanks to all who assisted with testing, “bug squashing”, and of course all the customers that contributed their thoughts on what features we should include.

Next week, I’ll write something about how to deploy the User Inquiry Tool using a “zero-install” methods.


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