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Novell OES Linux beta program update - a glimmer of hope

OK. It’s been a frustrating month for me (and all the prospective Novell testers). I’ve been in regular correspondence with Dean Giles at Novell with very little progress. The frustrating thing is that we have a copy (under NDA) of the “new iPrint”, fully working and running fine in here. However due to internal politics on the Novell side it has not been possible to make this publicly available to others (i.e. our test sites) because of an NDA. Instead we’ve had to wait until OES2 SP1 was publicly available. It finally looks like there is some light at the end of the tunnel. I receive an email from Novell letting me know that SP1 is not in a public (non private) beta period. Yet to see any post on their website but I’m sure it’s only a day or so away. Finally it looks like we can start official testing and we’ll all have a proper print management solution on iPrint!

Please check out this page for more information on the PaperCut Novell OES Linux testing program, download information, etc. I assume the OES 2 SP1 download will be located here when live. Fingers cross the train will be rolling again soon.

Update: The word from Novell, “The beta has been approved by the core team, but may take a day or two to get posted.”


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