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Mac version finally “final”!

After 6 months of testing we’ve declared the Mac Server version final and coordinated this announcement with our version 7.0 release . I’d like to quickly thank all the organizations that assisted us with testing and provided feedback during the testing program.

The testing program generated a long list of feature requests. These were prioritized with “bugfixes” taking the front seat with most of them completed prior to the 7.0 release. Many of the non critical feature requests are still pending. Now we have the final release out the door we can start on many of these. Some of the feature to expect over the coming weeks/months will include client improvements, a special installer to assist with Mac laptop deployments, and improved popup authentication with login hook integration.

Once again, thanks to all the people who provided feedback. Please contact me if any of you have not already take advantage of the 50% testers discount.