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The day I discovered HITRUST

“Never a Dull Moment” (#NADM) is a blog series about the life and times (ok, mainly the times) of Americas Presales Specialist Tanner Dull.

I love my job. I mean I really, really love my job. To be precise, I love talking to PaperCut callers about the problems they want to solve.

One such caller was attempting to solve a problem in her medical business. As the conversation went on, she mentioned a term I’d not encountered before:

CALLER: “We’re keen to get HITRUST certified.”

ME: “…”

CALLER: “Are you familiar with HITRUST?”

No. No I wasn’t. As we talked, Google led me to the HITRUST Alliance website . Now, I’m familiar with HIPAA and the rights an individual has over their medical information, but HITRUST was a whole new world of acronyms to me.

Fit to Print Podcast: Tanner Dull discovers HITRUST

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As we chatted, she explained how HITRUST was a certification that sat above HIPAA, and that a lot of US clinics were on the lookout for - among other things - a secure print management solution to ensure compliance.

I learned, essentially, that HITRUST compliance meant being zealous with patient data protection and management. At this point I realized I could help her with PaperCut MF.

We talked about secure print release and Find Me printing ; I explained watermarking and digital signatures ; I shared the reporting options within PaperCut MF. She seemed pretty happy with everything I talked about.

And while I haven’t checked in with her recently to see if PaperCut MF has met her needs, I’m pretty confident it ticks the HITRUST requirements for secure document management. I’ll keep you posted with any updates I get.

Meanwhile, here’s a Knowledge Base post I published about HITRUST .