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PaperCut Tip of the Month - Sep 04

One of our customers suggested that I my blog to write about using PaperCut. I’ve decided to write a Tip of the Month article every 4 weeks to highlight some of PaperCut’s “hidden” features.

This month I’ll talk about of the new features in Version 5.0. All existing PaperCut users would be aware of PaperCut’s automatic account creation rules. These helps streamline user management by automatically configurating new user accounts within PaperCut. There is still however a need to synchronize PaperCut’s user list with the users listed in Active Directory or the Domain. This is usually done manually via the “TuneUp” button. Version 5 now introduces a command-line script to automate this task. The script is located under:

C:/Program Files/PaperCut/Scripts/addnewusers.bat

Network administrators can now set this script to run automatically via the Windows Task Scheduler or out of other system maintenance scripts. Many large organizations use scripts to create user accounts. You can now incorporate this command into such scripts so PaperCut is instantly notified of the new users. This new feature brings PaperCut one-step closer to our “zero administration” goal.


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