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PaperCut 5.2 final build

We’re just uploading the final 5.2 build of both PaperCut Quota and PaperCut ChargeBack now. It’s been out in “preview release” format for a month, and with the help of a number of customers, we have tracked down and squashed any remaining bugs. Most of the report bugs were minor – an alignment issue here, […]

PaperCut listed in the SpreadFirefox Top 250

We at PaperCut are huge fans of the Mozilla Firefox web browser, and the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. We all use these products internally everyday. Not only do they provide a great user experience, you’re not as susceptible to the viruses and spyware that plague the Microsoft products. If you’re not using these products now […]

Layout is fixed with a WordPress Template

OK, the blog is back looking quite close to what it used to. Chris’ blog is still running the old style, if you want to compare the differences. I’ve implemented the new style using the new WordPress 1.5 templating system, which will make things easier to upgrade in the future. It should also be much […]

Upgraded to WordPress 1.5

WordPress 1.5 was released this week, and I’ve only just found the time to upgrade. The upgrade process was a breeze. I’m still running the default theme, so all I need to do now is to apply re-apply the PaperCut Software template. I’m wondering whether it’s worth creating a PaperCut theme, or just hack the […]

Gotta love open source … I fixed it myself

I’m currently using the excellent Eclipse Java IDE for development work, and using the Jetty Launcher plugin to enable firing up the Jetty web server within Eclipse. It allows you to debug your web application directly in the IDE, making Java web development much smoother. Unfortunately the current version of the Jetty Launcher does not […]

Some are still running version 1!

Today we were contacted by a customer who installed PaperCut version 1 back in 1999. Their original PaperCut install had run fine all this time until they upgraded the server to Windows 2003. Version one was originally designed for Windows NT so I’m not surprised it didn’t work on Windows 2003! Anyway they’ve upgraded to […]

New “live web chat”

We’re experimenting with a new live web chat feature on the PaperCut website and knowledge base. The idea is that it might help turn around those quick questions people have in a more efficient manner. We’re manning the live chat for a 12-hour period each day for the next month to gauge it’s usefulness. If […]

Squid Proxy and Windows Active Directory Authentication

An Internet or Web Proxy is one of the most important applications on a large network. It allows you to: track user’s internet usage save on bandwidth costs through content caching limit user access to irrelevant or objectionable content If you’re running PaperCut, and want to make use of Internet Quotas, then you will need […]

PaperCut 5.2

Just a quick entry to let everyone know that version 5.2 preview-release now available for download. We are yet to finalize the documentation so this is not the “official” release. We expect to have the official release out by the end of next week. Please see our news page download for details. As always, users […]

Getting ready for PaperCut 5.2

I’ve spent most of the last two weeks working and testing the PaperCut Quota 5.2 release. We’ll be making 5.2 available for public download some time next week. We’ve had a number of more complicated items on the TODO list for some time and have tackled them in this release. One of the big areas […]

Managing printer connection/setup in schools

I’ve just finished putting together a knowledge base article detailing various methods to manage and configure printers in a school or university (academic environment). In a business environment a user normally has a desktop PC dedicated to them located on their work desk. In an academic environment users will roam between different computer labs and […]

The Growing Knowledge Base

The PaperCut Knowledge Base is slowly growing and starting to be come more useful. Just the other day I had an email from a user who mentioned that his question was addressed in the KB so it’s starting to become more useful! Today I completed a few more articles on Setting Up Local Printers and […]

Guide to configuring your proxy server for PaperCut

In order to use PaperCut’s internet charging/quota features you need to make sure that your Proxy Server is configured correctly. This is the most complicated part of deploying PaperCut Internet Charging. Once your proxy is configured correctly, there is very little else that needs to be done, and PaperCut will charge users seamlessly. I’ve written […]