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Security patching explained: software updates demystified

Bugs happen in software. We don’t want them to, but they do.

PaperCut is dedicated to ensuring the security of our customers’ data and systems. So, when vulnerabilities occur, we’re quick-smart to develop patches and then spread the good word about needing to update ASAP.

But despite best intentions, security comms usually contain a bunch of buzzwords and jargon. I wanted to break down what some of these terms mean.

4 tips for great customer-facing conversations

I’ve been with PaperCut Software for just over 6 years, as part of the Customer Care team. It’s my job to help prospective customers find the right solution for their print environment.

During my tenure, I’ve picked up some things over the years. Hopefully, they can help you have a great conversation, where both parties leave feeling engaged and accomplished.

Forest Positive: evolving print industry sustainability

Climate change’s tipping point is looming. We need to do more. Reducing our carbon footprint is absolutely essential. But the planet needs more than a neutral approach. It needs an evergreen boost. 

This brings us to the next step in the sustainability evolution: the Forest Positive movement, which is transforming the print industry.

Why I prescribe managed print services for healthcare

The more time I spend with hospitals and healthcare professionals, the more opportunities I see for print providers to offer a unique, timesaving, stress-reducing service that supports these vital institutions.

I think I can sum up some MPS best practices for healthcare using PaperCut in five considerations.

RMIT Google Developer Student Club visit to PaperCut HQ

On Friday 29 April, PaperCut’s Melbourne HQ was paid a visit by winners of the 2022 RMIT Google Developer Student Club’s first annual hackathon. 

Former RMIT GDSC leader PaperCutter Mili hosted the students with PaperCutter Simon, and tells us how they found the coffee culture, standups, retros, and more!

PaperCut Hive keeps research institute’s printed documents confidential

To steal a line or two from their website, the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute [IBRI] is “a leading translational research institute that advances academic and industry science through collaboration to improve patient health outcomes”.

I caught up with IBRI’s Jacob Smith to learn how the institute solved a curly confidentiality conundrum affecting their print environment.

5 print priorities for digital-first CEOs

IDC recently published their 2022 Worldwide CEO Survey. And their follow-up blog on the CEO tech agenda in a digital-first world got us thinking…

So we thought we’d throw together our own list of 5 print priorities for the modern tech CEO.

Managed Print Services 2.0: the role of post-pandemic MPS

Post-pandemic lowered print volumes might have you thinking, “Do I need managed print services now that my workplace has adopted a hybrid working philosophy?”

As business printing morphs, MPS is evolving with modern workplaces to continue providing value-added services.

What we look for when we hire engineers

This post is a deep dive into a recent job ad we posted for the role of head of engineering.

Stay with me, there’s a reason I’m writing this!

When I read it, I realized it’s a mighty fine insight into life at PaperCut. Here’s why…

Trans Visibility at PaperCut #TDOV

To celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility, PaperCutter Zoe talks about the day’s importance and how PaperCut celebrates Trans Visibility.

She also joins us on Print Geeks to talk about how STEM is a safe space for the Trans community, and more of her story.

6 reasons why PaperCut loves trees!

We care about trees at PaperCut. We often say our true customers are the forests of the world.

But why exactly? Here’s the 6 reasons why PaperCut loves trees and wants to protect the world’s forests.