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8 takeaways from PaperCut Partner Summit 2022

With the excitement of our first PaperCut Partner Summit fresh in my mind, I offer my 8 key takeaways from this partner only virtual event.

We’d like to thank all our partners in all our regions who attended. We’d also like to thank everyone involved for a great event!

What is Log4J and how did PaperCut handle it?

Just when you thought PrintNightmare was the biggest security issue in over a decade, the Log4Shell exploit Log4J happened.

What exactly is the Log4Shell exploit and how did PaperCut respond? I’ve got all the answers and security lingo for you!

7 picks for print and IT in 2022

What does hybrid working, Zero Trust, forest positivity, cloud print management, and the Metaverse have in common?

I merge my love for sports with print and try my hand at calling what the 2022 season will bring for the print and IT industries.

How to manage user expectations for school IT teams

Rolling out change within any organization ‒ be it a school or a small business, to a large corporation ‒ is challenging. 

At our last quarterly customer panel a group of school IT professionals shared their tips for managing user expectations when navigating change.

Register now for PaperCut Partner Summit 2022

Join us at PaperCut’s first-ever Partner Summit on February 17, 2022.

This partner-only virtual event takes you inside PaperCut’s vision and plans for 2022 and beyond. Want to see what the future looks like? Start here …

7 and ½ reasons law firms manage print with PaperCut

Printing is mission-critical for the legal world: lawyers and paralegals need to copy, scan, print, and even fax: contracts, agreements, bylaws, NDAs… law firms print a lot!

That’s why law firms all around the world recover printing costs and regulate document compliance with PaperCut. 

We’ve got all the reasons why.

2021 uncut: PaperCut’s year in review

Who would dare to review a year filled with lockdowns and COVID-19 uncertainty?

Why, our overly zealous tech journalist, PaperCutter Kieron, of course!

Both in written and podcast form – the latter with PaperCutter Al!

Secret Planter: regrowing a PaperCut tradition

Returning to the office after more than half a year in lockdown, I spotted a couple of personal plants on desks that sadly hadn’t survived Melbourne’s (most recent) 6th lockdown.

As sad as their dried and wilted leaves made me, it got me thinking about a pre-COVID tradition PaperCut started back in 2018 called Secret Planter.