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PaperCut listed in the SpreadFirefox Top 250

We at PaperCut are huge fans of the Mozilla Firefox web browser, and the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. We all use these products internally everyday.

Not only do they provide a great user experience, you’re not as susceptible to the viruses and spyware that plague the Microsoft products.

If you’re not using these products now … then start!


To help promote these great products we’ve put links on our emailStripper page (which gets plenty of hits), and also on the footer of our blogs below.

We’ve only had these links on the site, and we’re already ranked 179 on the SpreadFirefox Top referrers page and rising fast. We’re happy to try to promote these products any way we can, but it’s also nice to get this recognition!

(PS: Coincidently, I’m wearing my Firefox T-Shirt today too!)