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Election Time

We’ve just rolled a new “Vote for a Feature” survey form. This is your chance as a PaperCut user to influence our development priority and ensure your most demanded features are pushed to the top. To vote, log into PaperCut as an admin user, click on the About tab and under Application News, click Vote […]

We like graphs…

Rick, our first USA based member of the team started with us late last year. One of our goals was to ensure we had someone during US business hours to help speed up response times for customers in North America. We’ve recently run the stats across our support system and it’s great to see some […]

New Website Additions

The developers have taken a few days out this week from programming Java and C/C++ and switched over to HTML and JavaScript. We’ve added two new sections to our website: A New Tour The first area is our new product tour. The old tour was getting a little crusty. It did not show off many […]

Green is Out

I’ll have to admit I’m a bit of a pop culture junkie. Each December I like to watch some of the year in retrospective television shows that go through the highs, lows and woes of the previous year. As I watched the 2008 wrap-up of the most over-used words in use in the United States […]

Novell OES Linux beta program update – a glimmer of hope

OK. It’s been a frustrating month for me (and all the prospective Novell testers). I’ve been in regular correspondence with Dean Giles at Novell with very little progress. The frustrating thing is that we have a copy (under NDA) of the “new iPrint”, fully working and running fine in here. However due to internal politics […]

We’re hiring!

Many companies have a Jobs/Employment section on their website. We’re a small company with very low staff turn over and hence rarely advertise positions. We do however have one going right now! Quite a few people subscribe to our blog, so I thought we’d do some shameless self promotion and post the position here:

A turning point – students now want PaperCut too!

One of the students at Colchester Royal Grammar School in the UK emailed me last week to fill me in on one of their recent projects – making their school greener. One component of the project addressed printing and they used PaperCut and its environmental impact feature to draw attention to consumption. You can read […]

Moving House

You may have noticed our new top news story – PaperCut’s new home at It’s great to finally have the papercut top level domain. It’s bound to make us more visible (and also looks a little “cooler”!). We’re now redirecting everyone across to the new domain. The process is a little bit like moving […]

Duplicating Printer Config on the Mac

I’ve had a few Mac administrators ask for ideas on how to duplicate/copy printer configuration from one Mac desktop to another. It’s more of a general system administration question rather than an a development area we address here at PaperCut, but it’s an interesting related problem. I’ve written up a knowledge base article that proposes […]

Fire! Quick… run that backup!

Fire has recently affected two of our customers. The first event hit one of our largest customers (a prestigious American University who shall remain nameless to save embarrassment!) running PaperCut in a clustered server array. Equipment failure in the server room resulted in a fire that took down the cluster’s shared storage. Fortunately the database […]

Old software still has legs!

Wow! A customer in China running PaperCut Quota 1.0 (released 3 December 1999) emailed us today asking about upgrading to PaperCut NG 7.3. It’s amazing to think that such an old version is still out there and going strong. 8 years in the software world is a lifetime. A lot has changed since version 1.0 […]

Want to be notified of new releases?

We often get requests from customers that want to be notified when we release new versions. They want to run the latest version to take advantage of all the new features (without having to check our web site every week). So today I added news feeds to the website to notify you as soon as […]

Out with the old and in with the new fun stuff!

After a three month project, we’ve finally released PaperCut ChargeBack 7.0. This is a major release as we’ve based this release of the new PaperCut NG code base. This is a great moment for us developers as it means no more development work using legacy Microsoft development and database technologies. Us “techies” like using the […]