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Happy one-year anniversary at Hawthorn

Getting together over coffee is a part of everyday at PaperCut. What better reason to get the team connected here and in Portland than to celebrate our one-year anniversary at our Hawthorn, Melbourne HQ. For those that have been with PaperCut for more than a year, it seems like just yesterday we officially opened the building.

PaperCut / Home

Just off the back of the 14.1 release we thought we’d share PaperCut’s other big news item – the relocation of our Melbourne operation from the sleepy suburb of Mount Waverley to inner city Hawthorn. As many know, the PaperCut company has humble beginnings… we technically began in Chris Dance’s basement, a space where he and […]

Ever Growing

Only months since my arrival at PaperCut and we’ve expanded our ever growing list of characters by adding two more personalities to the cauldron, Josh Hancox and Dan Quest. Be assured, we will force them to put pen to pad and write a blog telling us their story – a sort of initiation here at PaperCut, along […]

Three Months in PaperCut Support

I am still fairly new to PaperCut, which means I’ve spent the first part of my time here reading. Previous blog posts, release notes, knowledge base articles, resolved tickets and troubleshooting steps have all become my bread and butter. One of the things that stood out was this excerpt from one of Jason’s posts: “One […]

An interview with the team

Every workplace has its own unique culture. It’s been about a month since I joined PaperCut, and I’d love to share an insight into the way we do things here. My background is in design. For someone like me, going into a workplace where code is essentially the second language used is kinda like fighting […]

Controlling printing via AirPrint – Apple’s iPad Printing

With the release of iOS 4.2, finally Apple iPads and iPhones can print! Of course the this possibility opens up many questions, particularly from network administrators managing printing in schools, colleges and Universities. How do I control AirPrint printing and prevent a student free-for-all? It’s been such a popular question and hot topic on our […]

Tweet, tweet. Twitter, squawk!

Writing blog posts is hard for us “computer geeks” in the PaperCut development team. We’re able to string together lines of source code like we’ve been doing it since we were born, but asking us to join enough English words into sentences and paragraphs to construct a blog post… now that’s a different story. All […]

PaperCut Vote for a Feature survey update

A little while ago I made a short post about a Vote for a Feature survey that we’re conducting. This survey is designed to gather feedback from PaperCut users regarding some of the smaller features that they would like to see added. The response has been fantastic and also very thorough. Many of our customers […]

Code = Coffee.consume()

“A mathematician”, according to the late Hungarian mathematician Alfred Renyi, “is a device for turning coffee into theorems”. Seems like good old Alfred knew a thing or two about intellectual work. He and colleague Paul Erdos of Erdos number fame were known to consume copious amounts of the stuff. With work at PaperCut occasionally requiring […]

Novell Brainshare

I’ve just arrived back from the USA where I spent a week at the Novell Brainshare conference – Novell being the newest platform PaperCut supports. As the main Linux & Novell developer I had the task of tripping over to Salt Lake City in the USA and manning the PaperCut stand. Rick also joined me […]

Customer Feedback Time!

Welcome to the first 2010 PaperCut Vote for a Feature! After the fantastic success we had we our last vote for a feature we’re going for another round! Our last Vote for a Feature Survey focused on Big Ticket items. This time we’re evaluating the “smaller items” that can have a big impact – the […]

We’re hiring again! This time for a developer

Last week we released PaperCut 10.0 with the much requested “Printer Groups” feature. But we’re not standing still. All our developers are working hard to implement the new ideas that you’ve been asking for. As you can see from our release history the product continues to improve with each release. But we want to do […]

Support feedback in real-time

This blog post continues to focus on our support quality and builds on the graphs and analysis from my post two weeks ago. This time however, the graphs are not static but updates in real-time! Read on for the exciting details. Offering good support is a balancing act – a compromise. How much developer time […]

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