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Forty Two

Is it a coincidence that PaperCut currently supports 42 printer description languages , thatย I am turning 42 years old this year and, as we all know, 42 is the Answer to the Life, the Universe and Everything? Yeah, it probably is ๐Ÿ™‚ Since joining the PaperCut team, I have mainly been working on the area […]

The SysAdmin: five parts tech and one part accountant!

Hello, my name is Jason and I’m the new member of the PaperCut team. In my previous position I was a Systems Administrator (SysAdmin) at a leading high school. I thought I’d share my story about PaperCut from my last role. Part of any SysAdmin job is finding technology that fits a business need and […]

The Eskie. An Australian invention.

In 1999 my family and I moved to Silicon Valley so I could experience working in a high-tech company making products on a large scale. Such jobs were hard to find in Melbourne then. One of the things I remember most about moving to Silicon Valley was the old Australian myth of brilliant ideas being […]

Quicker than a human… maybe even smarter than a developer!

When I first started as an intern at PaperCut in late November I didn’t now what to expect. As I first entered head office in Melbourne, I mentally prepared myself for all the usual mundane tasks that interns are inevitably assigned to (fetching coffee being at the top of the list). Now, being almost three […]

Brewing Beer: Why I Started With Grain

The programmers here at PaperCut all write print management software for a day job, but have varied and often somewhat eccentric hobbies out of hours. I’d like to share with you one of my recent discoveries: all-grain brewing. I’d hazard a guess that home brewers are disproportionately represented amongst all you techies and readers of […]

Alles klar!

A big hello to the world and PaperCut’s customers. As a new developer on the PaperCut team I am excited to be part of the new directions in which development of PaperCut’s Print Management Software is progressing. So many things to sort out on the first day! Where is the coffee? Where is the stationery […]

From University to PaperCut

When I first thought of writing a blog article I wasn’t able to decide the topic for it. Then I thought writing about transition from university to work would be a good idea as every person has to go through this transition and experience the difference.

6-weeks early!

My first son William arrived yesterday. Unlike our planning here at PaperCut which usually run a few weeks behind schedule, my first child has decided to buck the trend and run ahead of schedule. William weighed in at 1.795kb (just under 4 pounds) – very small but strong and healthy. Both Mother and baby are […]