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Mac version finally “final”!

After 6 months of testing we’ve declared the Mac Server version final and coordinated this announcement with our version 7.0 release. I’d like to quickly thank all the organizations that assisted us with testing and provided feedback during the testing program. The testing program generated a long list of feature requests. These were prioritized with […]

Presentation at Mac Managers Meeting

I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the Mac Managers meeting at Utah University last week. This coincided nicely with the preparation for our 7.0 release. The presentation is now hosted online in QuickTime format. I’d encourage any Mac system administrators interesting in print control, cross-platform development and our Mac development in […]

Updated Net Control module (Build 4006)

I’ve just uploaded another build of the Net Control module. This release includes a number of changes: Add “enable/disable user net usage” option to the bulk user action page, so this setting can be set on users in bulk. Add support for the MS ISA Server log format, in addition to the preferred W3C log […]

Updated Net Control module (Build 3909)

I’ve just uploaded another build of the Net Control module. This release includes the following changes: All the changes included in the most recent public release of PaperCut NG 6.2. For more information see the release history page. Other small fixes. You can download the latest release (Build 3909) from the Net Control module testing […]

PaperCut NG Mac Update – 6.2.3896

I just finished testing and unloading the latest PaperCut NG Mac release. The latest version number is 6.2.3896. This release ticks of the latest of the “must fix” bugs and pending successful feedback, we’ll make this the first official non-beta release some time next week. The main changes in this release are: Improvements to the […]

Full Steam Ahead

Hello, world! I’m Tom, the latest addition to the PaperCut development team. Over the last month or so I’ve undergone a lightning induction into the world of programming at PaperCut and the many technologies used – Java, Tapestry, Hibernate, Spring, Jetty, JasperReports, Derby, PostgreSQL, Squid and many others, not to mention developing for Linux, Mac […]

Hopefully the final Mac update!

I rolled a new Mac release yesterday. This is a minor update and includes a fix for an issue with the “Configure CUPS” script, and also a problem that could cause loss of data on uninstall if PaperCut was installed into a non empty directory. All major Mac bugs have now been fixed. If all […]

Minor update for Net Control module for Windows

We just released an updated Windows build of the Net Control release that includes a fix for using domain groups when PaperCut is running on a member server. The problem was that PaperCut was only listing local groups in the setup wizard, so domain groups could not be used. If you were running PaperCut on […]

Minor fixes for Apple Mac version of PaperCut NG

We’ve just release a new Mac release – version 6.2. 3782 I made a one line coding error in the last release that broke the message/event notification system. The new release has this addressed along with an enhancement to user authentication. The Mac’s PAM module accepts login either via the user’s username or via the […]

New Mac release with Popup Authentication and other features

Just a quick post to let all the Mac testers know that we’ve release a new version today. It’s been a long-time-coming! We’ve done quite a bit of work on this release with a few core features such as: New “popup authentication” – great for networks running non-authenticated systems (i.e. Personal Mac laptops) Printers are […]

Adding a Mac Printer

One of the usability issues that’s popped up with the Mac server testing is the process used add a printer. The Configure CUPS script handles the process of hooking in PaperCut to the CUPS print process. To view the printer in the interface however, you first need to perform a print job to “register the […]

PaperCut NG on AFP548

PaperCut NG has made the front page of the popular Mac server related site, This should be a good way to help drum up some feedback from experienced Mac server admins. You can view the post here. On the topic of server discovery in the client as discussed in a previous post. Some have […]

PaperCut and Print Server Clustering

One of the new features introduced when we release PaperCut NG was support for server clustering. PaperCut NG users a Service Oriented Archiecture (SOA) where various application layers communicate using XML Web Services requests. The layered design allows flexible deployment options ensuring scalability. On a typical install, all components exist on the one server and […]