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Duplicating Printer Config on the Mac

I’ve had a few Mac administrators ask for ideas on how to duplicate/copy printer configuration from one Mac desktop to another. It’s more of a general system administration question rather than an a development area we address here at PaperCut, but it’s an interesting related problem. I’ve written up a knowledge base article that proposes […]

Fire! Quick… run that backup!

Fire has recently affected two of our customers. The first event hit one of our largest customers (a prestigious American University who shall remain nameless to save embarrassment!) running PaperCut in a clustered server array. Equipment failure in the server room resulted in a fire that took down the cluster’s shared storage. Fortunately the database […]

Old software still has legs!

Wow! A customer in China running PaperCut Quota 1.0 (released 3 December 1999) emailed us today asking about upgrading to PaperCut NG 7.3. It’s amazing to think that such an old version is still out there and going strong. 8 years in the software world is a lifetime. A lot has changed since version 1.0 […]

Want to be notified of new releases?

We often get requests from customers that want to be notified when we release new versions. They want to run the latest version to take advantage of all the new features (without having to check our web site every week). So today I added news feeds to the website to notify you as soon as […]

Out with the old and in with the new fun stuff!

After a three month project, we’ve finally released PaperCut ChargeBack 7.0. This is a major release as we’ve based this release of the new PaperCut NG code base. This is a great moment for us developers as it means no more development work using legacy Microsoft development and database technologies. Us “techies” like using the […]

Knowledge Base gets OpenSearch

If you were looking really hard while browsing our knowledge base recently, you might have noticed your Firefox search window glowing. You are using Firefox aren’t you? (get it here) Ok ok, if you’re stuck with IE7 you might have seen it as well. Anyway, the glowing search box is letting you know that there’s […]

A picture is worth … 300k lines of code?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case it’s worth 300,000 lines of source code! One of the questions we regularly get is, “Is PaperCut under active development? We need to ensure that the system we’re investing is moving with the times.” This is a valid question and a very important […]

Mac version finally “final”!

After 6 months of testing we’ve declared the Mac Server version final and coordinated this announcement with our version 7.0 release. I’d like to quickly thank all the organizations that assisted us with testing and provided feedback during the testing program. The testing program generated a long list of feature requests. These were prioritized with […]

Presentation at Mac Managers Meeting

I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at the Mac Managers meeting at Utah University last week. This coincided nicely with the preparation for our 7.0 release. The presentation is now hosted online in QuickTime format. I’d encourage any Mac system administrators interesting in print control, cross-platform development and our Mac development in […]

Updated Net Control module (Build 4006)

I’ve just uploaded another build of the Net Control module. This release includes a number of changes: Add “enable/disable user net usage” option to the bulk user action page, so this setting can be set on users in bulk. Add support for the MS ISA Server log format, in addition to the preferred W3C log […]

Updated Net Control module (Build 3909)

I’ve just uploaded another build of the Net Control module. This release includes the following changes: All the changes included in the most recent public release of PaperCut NG 6.2. For more information see the release history page. Other small fixes. You can download the latest release (Build 3909) from the Net Control module testing […]

PaperCut NG Mac Update – 6.2.3896

I just finished testing and unloading the latest PaperCut NG Mac release. The latest version number is 6.2.3896. This release ticks of the latest of the “must fix” bugs and pending successful feedback, we’ll make this the first official non-beta release some time next week. The main changes in this release are: Improvements to the […]

Full Steam Ahead

Hello, world! I’m Tom, the latest addition to the PaperCut development team. Over the last month or so I’ve undergone a lightning induction into the world of programming at PaperCut and the many technologies used – Java, Tapestry, Hibernate, Spring, Jetty, JasperReports, Derby, PostgreSQL, Squid and many others, not to mention developing for Linux, Mac […]