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Print Geeks 019 | The history of Managed Print Services (MPS)

In this episode, I’m joined by our Product Manager, Matt Coad. He taps into his 12+ years of experience in the print industry to teach class on the history of Managed Print Services (MPS).

If you enjoy this chat, do we have exciting news for you! This is the first entry of a little series on MPS we’ll be doing on Print Geeks over the following months.

RMIT Google Developer Student Club visit to PaperCut HQ

On Friday 29 April, PaperCut’s Melbourne HQ was paid a visit by winners of the 2022 RMIT Google Developer Student Club’s first annual hackathon. 

Former RMIT GDSC leader PaperCutter Mili hosted the students with PaperCutter Simon, and tells us how they found the coffee culture, standups, retros, and more!

What we look for when we hire engineers

This post is a deep dive into a recent job ad we posted for the role of head of engineering.

Stay with me, there’s a reason I’m writing this!

When I read it, I realized it’s a mighty fine insight into life at PaperCut. Here’s why…

Trans Visibility at PaperCut #TDOV

To celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility, PaperCutter Zoe talks about the day’s importance and how PaperCut celebrates Trans Visibility.

She also joins us on Print Geeks to talk about how STEM is a safe space for the Trans community, and more of her story.

Women in tech: #IWD2022 podcast special

To celebrate International Women’s Day at PaperCut, we assembled an all-female panel for a special episode of our podcast, Print Geeks!

PaperCutter Tee is joined by Head of Talent in People Experience Laura White, Principal Product Engineer Shalini Sharma, and Associate Product Engineer Milindi Kodikara.

2021 uncut: PaperCut’s year in review

Who would dare to review a year filled with lockdowns and COVID-19 uncertainty?

Why, our overly zealous tech journalist, PaperCutter Kieron, of course!

Both in written and podcast form – the latter with PaperCutter Al!

Secret Planter: regrowing a PaperCut tradition

Returning to the office after more than half a year in lockdown, I spotted a couple of personal plants on desks that sadly hadn’t survived Melbourne’s (most recent) 6th lockdown.

As sad as their dried and wilted leaves made me, it got me thinking about a pre-COVID tradition PaperCut started back in 2018 called Secret Planter.

“And the 2022 BLI award goes to …”

PaperCut has won Keypoint Intelligence’s 2022 BLI Award for ‘Outstanding SMB Print Management Solution’.

We have had a lot of success with these awards, with PaperCut MF picking up the BLI Award gong five years in a row!

But let me tell you, this one means a lot. 

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